December 24 2018

Aubrey Hedgepeth recently released on YouTube a rendition of Travis Tritt’s ‘Anymore’ for her fans and the generally curious to enjoy.

This rendition is of excellent quality and the video runs for three minutes and forty-three seconds and fans and the generally curious should like what they hear.

Assuming this is Aubrey’s last release for 2018, she has released a total of 23 music videos this year and has covered songs by Dolly Parton and others all the way to Taylor Swift as well as releasing original material.

Aubrey was also our most read about artist in January this year and is a chance to bookend the year as well.

Aubrey’s rendition of ‘Saying Nothing At All’ is in our ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video for 2018‘ poll and fans can make their selection by clicking on the link, polls close on December 31 and every finishing position is handy.

YMA will continue to report on Aubrey’s music news as it comes to hand.