December 19 2018

Molly Ash has today on YouTube released a rendition of Paul Kelly’s ‘If I Could Start Today Again’.

This song is same song that Molly released six months ago but this version was recorded at a different time and location.

It is a great opportunity for viewers to have a look at how far Molly has come in the last six months.

The video runs for four minutes and one second and is good quality with Molly very easy to hear throughout the performance.

Molly is doing great this year, she has lots of fans, we know she does thanks to the piles of votes that has been received for her previous rendition of ‘If I Could Start Today Again’ in our ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video For 2018’ poll.

If you would like to vote for Molly, you can do so by clicking here and making your selection.

YMA will continue to report on Molly’s music news as it comes to hand.