December 28 2018

Victoria K recently released a Christmas and New Year message on YouTube for her many fans to check out.

It has been a busy time for Victoria as she will have her EP out in February but she also has a store that offers six different pictures and the option to have your copy signed plus you can secure your copy of the EP ‘Monster’.

Victoria’s streak of music videos that have 1,000 views or higher continues on, it was looking a little shaky after recent videos had a slow start but they picked up steam in the end.

Don’t forget fans that her rendition of ‘My Heart Is Broken’ is on ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video For 2018’ poll, the poll closes on December 31 so make sure you get your vote in by clicking here and making your selection.

YMA will continue to report on Victoria K’s music news as it comes to hand.