Here are our Top 10 videos as they stand in the first quarter of 2017.

1. Happy Birthday Cassidy-Rae Wilson (2014)
2. Youth Music Alive 1×02
3. Youth Music Alive 1×03
4. Youth Music Alive 1×01
5. Youth Music Alive 1×04
6. Youth Music Alive 2×02
7. Youth Music Alive 2×01
9. Youth Music Alive 2×03
10. YMA Presents Crystal Hofbauer

All YMA episodes are in the Top 10 and it is good that YMA NEWS has one entry in the Top 10 as we are using YMA as a new way to keep people informed and it is a fallback if YMA episodes are no longer able to be produced on a regular basis.

Four videos are over 100 views and seven have a total that are over 50 views and we are very pleased that viewers like what they’ve seen.

Youth Music Alive 1×03 is our most popular video with 11 Thumbs Up ratings followed by 2×01 and 2×02 with eight each.

We’ll be back in June with an update on the Top 10.