Annabelle Kempf has a new cover music video out for her fans and the generally curious to enjoy.

The new cover is a rendition of ‘City of Stars’ which was made famous in the movie ‘La La Land’.

This video was made with excellent video and sound quality which will please her fans and the generally curious who will come to check this video out.

For those who don’t know Annabelle, she is a 17 year old singer who figured out how to play the piano, guitar and ukulele by ear and she also performs in Philadelphia and NYC.

Annabelle’s YouTube channel has a stack of videos and she performs songs from many different artists from Elvis to Sam Smith.

Anyone who wants to follow Annabelle’s progress online can do so by liking her Facebook page and Twitter account

YMA will continue to report on Annabelle’s music news as it comes to hand.