Kayla Jo earlier today released on YouTube a live performance cover of Jessie J’s ‘Who You Are’.

‘Who You Are’ was recorded live to an appreciative crowd at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and the video is presented in high quality audio as well as high quality video ensuring viewers get the best possible viewing experience.

It has been two months since Kayla Jo’s last YouTube release but her fans haven’t forgotten her with 1,292 views racked up in just nine hours, Kayla Jo’s last two videos have no less than 1,500 views each and there is no doubt that ‘Who You Are’ will soon join the two to make it three consecutive videos.

Those of us who love watching live performance videos will be pleased with this video as it shows Kayla Jo at her live performing best.

YMA will continue to report on Kayla Jo’s music news as it comes to hand.