Ivana is currently in the middle of a great run on YouTube with her last three videos grabbing no less than 40,000 views per video.

‘Angel’ is the front runner with 89,000+ views, ‘Just A Moment In Time’ with 69,000+ and ‘When You Love’ with 45,000+ votes and when you crunch all the official numbers together it comes to a total of 204,085 views at an average of 68,028.33 views per video.

A cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ is now the newest release and hopes are high that Ivana will continue her great run, so far the video has had a good start with 4,000+ views in two days and will undoubtedly get into the five figure range, what it will end up getting is anyone’s guess but hopes are high from fans that it will do as well as the previous three videos.

YMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.