Today Jordyn Griffin has her birthday and so to celebrate we take a look back at her music video for  ‘Do You Feel Me’.

The music video to ‘Do You Feel Me’ was released on the second of January this year, ‘Do You Feel Me’ was one of four songs released by Jordyn in November 2014 as part of her EP ‘F.I.E.R.C.E’ with the other tracks being ‘Fantasy’, ‘What You Waitin For’ and ‘My Time’.

‘F.I.E.R.C.E’ is still available on iTunes and can be purchased for $6.76 AUD and $3.96 USD, ‘Do You Feel Me’ has done well on YouTube with the music video being since over 7,000 times with almost 78% of raters giving the music video a thumbs up rating.

YMA wishes Jordyn a Happy Birthday and hopes you the reader will join in the celebration by buying the EP and/or by watching the music video.