The wait for the music video to Maddie Wilson’s ‘Echo’ is over, ‘Echo’ was released around 7am Queensland time and it is already doing good business with 1,300+ views and 190 thumbs up ratings already racked up.

‘Echo’ is a very professionally made music video, one that can easily be slotted in to any of the top music video shows on TV and it wouldn’t look out of place due to it’s high production values.

The song itself is one that can easily make it on to any radio station on the planet as it has that right sound to satisfy those who listen to the radio while working or driving to and from work, it will be very interesting to see if the music video will attract interest from those who love to push for songs to be played on radio.

‘Echo’ can be purchased on iTunes along with her album ‘Lightning Strikes’ which sells for $7.99 USD, ‘Lightning Strikes’ contains ten songs including an acoustic version of ‘Chelsey’s Boyfriend’ which done very well on YouTube with 56,000+ views.

YMA will continue to report on Maddie’s music news as it comes to hand.