Celeste Kellogg is currently in the process of raising funds with the aim of releasing a new EP and music video.

The EP has been given the name ‘You & Me’ and plans are being put into place for the EP to be recorded in the home of country music, Nashville which is located in the US state of Tennessee.

The EP and video is projected to cost $15,000 which for most artists is a mountain of money to try and put together and so Celeste over the last month has been running a GoFundMe campaign to try raise that amount.
Potential, past and present donors can donate any amount they wish to do so with those who donate any amount under $50
able to vote on the song title of choice and the perks rise from the $50 mark all the way to the $1,000 mark.

So far $2,100 has been raised of the $15,000 goal in just over a month of campaigning which is a great response from fans from right around the world.

As reported by YMA over time there is no doubt that Celeste has the ability and drive to be worthy of donating to and donors can be assured after a look around social media (Twitter, YouTube etc) that this is one project that is worth both a persons time and money.

Fans and the generally curious can view/donate the campaign at https://www.gofundme.com/celestekelloggep

YMA will continue to report on the progress of the EP’s campaign as it comes to hand.