Aydan Calafiore is doing quite well for himself at this time, he has successful music videos, he’s appeared in a successful music video by Kaitlyn Thomas (‘Is This Real’, a top 5 video on Beat100) and if you want to look into the past he’s been on television a lot too.

Two weeks ago, Aydan released a cover of ‘Stitches’ and it has done fairly well for him as it has 2,000+ views and 122 thumbs up ratings at this time, there is no doubt that this total could rise significantly in the near future once his many fans share it further across social media.

The impressive thing is that Aydan wants more, with everything mentioned in the first paragraph most would be content but Aydan works hard to do more and show his fans what he can do and that is a very admirable thing and hopefully it will see him achieve the success he deserves.

YMA will continue to report on Aydan’s music news as it comes to hand.