January 24 2019

Last year, A band from Melbourne named IRONSTONE needed a singer and Victoria K accepted the job of singing with them.

IRONSTONE has made a good choice as Victoria has shown on YouTube that she has covered the best songs that metal can offer and now she is doing original band material.

‘Machine’ is the third video of any length made by the band since Victoria became lead singer with the first being a rehearsal of ‘Downpour‘ and the second one a cover of ‘Bring Me To Life

‘Machine’ doesn’t look or sound out of place in the metal world, the sound on the video is excellent and the video itself is really high quality complete with a good variation of shots, lighting and special effects.

There is no doubt that Victoria K’s fans from around the world will enjoy this new music video and hopefully they will follow the band just as intently as they do when she releases solo efforts.

YMA will continue to report on Victoria K’s music news as it comes to hand.