January 18 2019

Alyssa Trahan’s ‘Because I’m A Girl’ has been talked about a ton since it was released for people to listen to on streaming services and music purchasing outlets.

Now those who haven’t heard before are now able see and hear the song for themselves as Alyssa has today released the music video to the song.

Females have a tougher road than males in the music business, they are more heavily scrutinised in terms of what they are wearing, they are judged on their outer beauty and they struggle to get 50/50 recognition for awards as several major selling female artists miss out on nominations for awards to males whose sales are lower.

One of the biggest pushes is for radio to be more 50/50 as equal airplay would allow listeners to learn about more female artists and give them opportunities to get on to the music charts and play to more people around the world.

There’s a revolution happening in the music world and we all get to play a part in it.

YMA will continue to report on Alyssa’s music news as it comes to hand.