June 1 2018

Some readers may be wondering who MCK is but the answer is quite easy.

It is none other than Mckenzie Comer, a talented singer-songwriter who has released a string of songs (songs like ‘That’s Just Me’ and ‘The Last Goodbye’) over the years on YouTube and other music streaming services.

Recently MCK released ‘Magnets’ and a second video was recorded live at Parachute Studios and the song is a beautiful sounding, very radio friendly two minute and fifty-seven second track.

It is also a nicely put together music video as you get to see all the performers throughout the video making them far from being faceless which is a great thing as everybody plays a part in the song.

The first video of ‘Magnets’ can be seen here and it has received 1,600+ views since its release.

YMA will continue to report on MCK’s music news as it comes to hand.