May 31 2018

Fans of Celeste Kellogg and there is quite a large number of them have something new to view thank to the music video to ‘Country Swagger’ now on YouTube.

It has been two months since Celeste has had a music video out but fans have been teased over those two months with a ‘behind the scenes‘ video and a short promo video promoting today’s release date over time.

What will people see in the music video? They will see acting, they will see horses, they will see different outfits, they will see boots, they will see crowds and they will also see the USS Wisconsin (aka BB-64).

Yes the USS Wisconsin, a battleship just like the USS Missouri only Celeste performs under the massive barrels that projected shells across land and sea unlike a performer who sang on top of the Missouri’s.

Now to the sound, fans who haven’t heard the song will like the song and the generally curious may find this song perfect as it does go at a nice pace, it will interesting to see how this song does on YouTube over the coming days.

YMA will continue to report on Celeste’s music news as it comes to hand.