May 23 2018

Aria Taylor has been busy since she left Australia for the United States, she will be making an appearance as ‘Snake’ in the upcoming movie ‘Charlie Says’.

‘Charlie Says’ is a movie primarily about three of the women in the infamous ‘family’ and the good news is that the movie is listed as being in post production

But that’s not all that has been happening, there is now a new music video for ‘Summer’s Coming’.

The original music video was released three years ago, received 8,000+ views and was well liked by her fans.

This new music video is a nice, sharp looking music video with lots of different camera shots with Aria being indoors and outdoors but there is one downside and that its volume is pretty low compared to the original.

Overall it is good to see a new music video from Aria and we hope that it gets well watched so more songs are recorded which in turn will mean more videos are released for fans to see in between movies.

YMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.