May 17 2018

Readers a couple of weeks ago may remember Leea Nanos releasing a short version of ‘My Mind’ on YouTube.

Leea late last week released a live performance of her singing the song with a running time of four minutes and thirty-three seconds which is two and a half minutes longer than the first video.

Viewers will be treated to a video that has been excellently prepared with multiple camera angles though there is a slight downside that you may need some volume to hear the song as its finest.

Vocally the song continues Leea’s strong form and all the visual emotions during the song are there which is part of her standards for every performance.

Strangely the video has so far only done a third as well as the short video but once it makes its way around the internet numbers should be similar or better.

YMA will continue to report on Leea’s music news as it comes to hand.