November 18 2017

Today we were invited to check out the music of Molly Ash and what we found may interest those who want another artist to their playlists.

Molly is a popular performer with over 6,000 likes on Facebook and over 100 subscribers on YouTube, her Facebook page is updated regularly with news of performances and recordings of various songs.

She is Melbourne based and judging from the video below is a fan of the Frankston Dolphins, a team that has been re-admitted to the Victorian Football League (VFL) for season 2018.

Molly was awarded ‘Best Original Song/Songwriter’ at Fastrack 2017 for ‘Beautiful Smile‘, a rendition of which you can see by clicking on the song title.

Her most recent video is a rendition of ‘Say Something’ which is her second most viewed video with just over 1,000 views and it can be seen below.

We hope this brief introduction entices you the reader to check out her music and become fans now and into the future.