November 18 2017

Erin Bolland has today unveiled on YouTube her latest music video cover for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The song of choice is ‘Dusk till Dawn’ by Zayn featuring Sia and the video clocks in at four minutes and thirty seconds.

The video is in sepia and has the one angle with post production closeup zooms added in and it sounds good although some may feel the Piano may overwhelm the vocals in parts.

We really hope this video is one that gets Erin over 100 views as it has been a couple of month since it has happened and it is a deserved milestone as she does put together high quality performances.

There is some good news coming up for Erin and that is that her Facebook page is just five likes away from reaching 2,000 likes.

YMA will continue to report on Erin’s music as it comes to hand.