Leea Nanos is currently on a hot streak when it comes to her music career, Leea has achieved many things over a short period of time and YMA is going to detail them all for you.

The first items to report on is that Leea has released four new music videos and the four range from ‘Advance Australia Fair’ to ‘Addicted To You’, all videos are of all shapes and sizes but viewers get to see just how many stages that Leea graces and how well she does every time she performs.

Leea has her single ‘Warzone’ currently on iTunes and for those who remember their music shows will know the popular and talented Fatai who joins her on this track, ‘Warzone’ currently sells for $1.69 AUD on iTunes.

Fans of Young Talent Time would be pleased to know Leea is working with the great Greg Mills and also is performing alongside popular YTT 2012 member Aydan Calafiore in the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Gala ‘Time to Shine’, The curtain comes up on April 30 and tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster.

There’s more news with Leea now on Triple J Unearthed, fans and the generally curious can listen to two versions of ‘Warzone’ and leave reviews and do other actions as well, all listens, reviews and downloads will help Leea establish herself on Triple J Unearthed.

YMA will continue to report on Leea’s music news as it comes to hand.