After a six month wait between music videos, fans of Aria Taylor were delighted to see her new music video ‘Forever’ available on YouTube.

‘Forever’ which features Daniel Joseph is doing well 267 views at this time of writing with 15 Thumbs Up ratings, these numbers will no doubt increase over the coming days and weeks as word spreads of it’s release.

The song will be released on iTunes in the near future and that will no doubt please fans who love to add it to their collection of Aria’s songs, this song has a good pace and may even enjoy a good life at parties and dance clubs where songs have a very long shelf life at.

In some good news for Aria, ‘The Winning Hand’ and ‘I Really Want You’ have both just passed the 6,000 and 8,000 view milestones respectively, YMA congratulates Aria on the release of ‘Forever’ and the continued success of ‘The Winning Hand’ and ‘I Really Want You’.

YMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.