Kaitlyn Thomas recently saw her YouTube video channel enter the seriously impressive seven figure range.

It taken the young star just under seven years to reach the milestone and there is no doubting that getting to two million views will taken significantly less time than it did to get to the one million view mark

Most recent video ‘Barracuda’ (with Victoria K) has done less business than other recent covers but YMA has a feeling that it is a video that will probably do good business as it ages with time as some videos do encounter that when a song is hot or either the original singer or the cover singer is in the news somewhere in the world.

Kaitlyn’s VEVO channel on YouTube is almost at 2,000 views, it’s sole video at this time ‘Is This Real’ is currently sitting on 1,997 views and will tick over to 2,000 anytime soon and no doubt leading to a double celebration.

YMA will continue to report on Kaitlyn’s music news as it comes to hand.