Mary Desmond last week released on YouTube a rendition of Tori Kelly’s ‘Hollow’.

Fans of Mary should be well satisfied with this new rendition as it shows Mary at her usual best whilst the generally curious may find something in this video that makes them want to listen to some more from the past and await what comes in the future.

‘Hollow’ has done great business for Mary with over 2,000 views recorded and 410 Thumbs Up ratings, those numbers will increase over time with 500 or more Thumbs Up ratings not out of the question.

It would of been nice if Mary made it deep into American Idol but at the same time YMA feels that such a ride isn’t required for Mary has the ability and the smarts to go as far as she desires if she continues with her high levels of work and chases every legitimate half chance or better that the world opens up for her.

YMA will continue to report on Mary’s music news as it comes to hand.