Brittany Leo earlier this week released for her fans and the generally curious a preview to her next music video.

Brittany’s next music video is going to be for ‘Saving Myself’, ‘Saving Myself’ is one of the songs that features on her EP ‘UNDEFEATED’ which is available for fans to buy on iTunes.

It’s been a good year for Brittany, she has been a presenter on both radio and television programs, released her EP ‘UNDEFEATED’ and released 17 videos on YouTube from live performances to official music videos such as ‘STARTING OVER‘ which has done very respectable business over time.

2016 will no doubt be another great year and there is also no doubting that there be lots of anticipation from fans as the release of the music video to ‘Saving Myself’ comes closer and closer.

YMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.