Alyssa Trahan last week released ‘I Love Your Truck’ and it has done really well on YouTube.

31,495 views have been registered so far on YouTube and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon for the song has that sound that is easy to like and the lyrics are very easy to follow.

‘I Love Your Truck’ is also a song that is on her EP ‘Daisies’ which is selling for $4.95 USD on iTunes, Alyssa also has several other Albums and EP’s available on iTunes to buy.

Two things that really stands out in the music video is that Alyssa is having lots of fun in the music video and the second is those trucks are really huge, in some countries like YMA’s home Australia they are called Utes (Utility Vehicles) and singing Ute would probably not make much sense plus most Australian utes are much shorter in height and more to the ground probably making the video less impressive.

So if you like a song that is sung at a good pace, sharp quality video and sound and giant Trucks (Utes) then Alyssa’s ‘I Love Your Truck’ is the song for you.