The Euphorics are one of YMA readers most popular subjects as the band has two articles either about them or associated with them in the Top 10 all time most read list.

We 3 & She make official video‘ is YMA’s second most read story of all time with 171 reads since it was written in July 2014 and may it continue to stay in second spot for a long time to come.

Erica says Hello too‘ is the newest entry into YMA’s Top 10 all time most read list, it is in a three way tie for ninth position joining articles on Rebekah Kirk and Kiara Rodrigues, both of the latter artists are well regarded performers and so it is fitting all have a share of ninth place.

The Euphorics have the equal second highest entries in the Top Ten joining Lauren McLamb and Kiara Rodrigues on two entries each, Karlijn is the artist with the highest with three entries in the Top 10 (Top 12 if you count ties).

The band should be really pleased with their 2015 efforts and look forward to making 2016 an even bigger one now

YMA will report on The Euphorics music news as it comes to hand.