The wait for Kaitlyn Thomas’s new release ‘Is This Real’ is over with the video and song now available to view and to purchase.

Kaitlyn now has a Vevo account on YouTube which you can subscribe to like any regular YouTube channel and with the channel being very new it is your chance to be one of the people who can say they’ve been around since the beginning.

The audio and visual aspects of the video are excellent and Luna Park features prominently in the video, the song itself is quite enjoyable and can be enjoyed by a wide range of music lovers as it has the sound and pace to suit many tastes.

A careful look at the video will reveal that you can see the likes of Leea Nanos and Aydan Calafiore who YMA has written about in the past and are pretty well known for their music and there is also several others in the video who we’ll most likely see more of in the future.

There are hopes that ‘Is This Real’ will chart on iTunes and the only way that will happen is if fans purchase the song by the ton and so Kaitlyn Thomas fans both new and old you can purchase the song by visiting here and don’t forget to leave a rating for such information is valuable for both fans and Kaitlyn.

YMA will continue to report on Kaitlyn’s music news as it comes to hand.