Today’s artist of the day is Kushal Jasoria, Kushal is an 22 year old singer/songwriter from India who describes his covers as having blues improvisation in the keys so Kushal’s music may find a home in the hearts of those who love their Blues.

Kushal has had excellent results in contests with the following results in the past four years;

QMS Chairos Quro 2011 Music Band Winner
AGCS Instrumental Solo 2011 – Second
OASIS 2014 Poetry Slam – Winner
NSIT Moksha 2015 Instrumental Solo – Second
NSIT Moksha 2015 Mr and Ms Moksha – Second
OASIS 2015, BITS Pilani – Winner

Kushal has covered songs by Coldplay, The Weeknd, Adele, Ed Sheeran and many more top artists of today giving viewers a wide range of material to look at.

When Kushal is not singing and songwriting he is a college student having made his way to college via scholarship after achieving high scores in the boards, so high that it placed him in the top 1%, Kushal also finished in the Top 10000 in the prestigious AIEEE.

We finish this special with a performance of Kushal performing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, in these times of death and destruction around the world it is the perfect time to ponder what would be if we didn’t have the many barriers that to some entice conflict and destruction.

With all of the above, Kushal Jasoria is our artist of the day.