Karlijn Verhagen two weeks ago joined the masses of artists performing and releasing their own version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ on YouTube.

This version however is different to most reported by YMA because it is a live recording and so viewers get to see what happens when Karlijn sits down, adjusts what is needed to be adjusted and launches into the song.

The results are fantastic as Karlijn delivers a performance that is powerful to the ears, the video quality is excellent as viewers can see everything in sharp detail but it’s the voice that should be the focus of all watchers attention as Karlijn puts on a performance that shows exactly what she can do live.

Karlijn is doing well with ‘Hello’ and her previous four videos being seen 126,236 times at enviable average of 25,247.20 views per video and there is no doubt that with a new video soon to be released the viewing total and average will again be in the most impressive range.

YMA will report on Karlijn’s music news as it comes to hand.