Cassidy-Rae Wilson yesterday appeared on ‘The Adam Drummond Show’ on Australia’s most famous Internet TV station ‘Wagga Wagga TV‘.

Wagga Wagga TV is famous after American Cable TV giant HBO took offense to one of the station’s logos, the two stations went toe to toe before HBO retreated leaving the station in peace with added interest from the public.

Cassidy had a great time on the show and perhaps this experience will lead to further appearances on both the station and Australia’s big TV stations, Click here to see Cassidy’s appearance on ‘The Adam Drummond Show’

The latest music video release by Cassidy, ‘Just Smile’ has just smiled it’s way into the 30,000+ view range, this milestone was achieved in under four days and can easily make it’s way to being Cassidy’s most successful video since the release of ‘Drag Me Down’ three months ago.

YMA will continue to inform readers of Cassidy’s music news as it comes to hand.