Imagine you are an artist who runs every aspect of your recording career from choosing songs to music video schedules and of course running our own media shop.

One day you get an email from say Spotify informing you that you are releasing a song, the problem is this song has already been released on your shop and this song on Spotify has a companies logo that is not yours on the cover art!

This event has just happened to Ivana Raymonda, her music was taken by Belgium Music Records and if it wasn’t for Spotify sending out an email informing of music Ivana likes there is a chance she would of had no idea that somebody was profiting from her music.

It has turned out that Ivana’s music was put on several music sellers sites with BMR labeling and without Ivana’s permission as all music is either purchased on iTunes, her website, Patreon or won through votes on ArtistSignal.

So if you are doing all the distributing of your own music, do a check on the internet to make sure that nobody is taking your music and putting their logo on your cover art to make it appear you are part of their music stable, it is illegal and it is taking away what is rightfully yours.

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