Alexa Heller is known for her singing, her fitness regime and most recently her efforts to combat Cystic Acne and inform the public of what it does and how to potentially ease or eliminate it.

Cystic Acne has been causing Alexa and many others like her problems and so Alexa has been testing everything from diet changes (no meat for example) to being medication free in an effort to get the right results for herself and those with Cystic Acne

Today Alexa has posted a just under five minute video updating fans and followers about her current situation and report any developments, if you know somebody with Cystic Acne then Alexa’s videos could become majorly important.

In further Alexa news, the fan driven campaign to get Justin Timberlake’s attention and potentially work with her has stalled at 163 signatures, signing takes seconds and you never know who will be paying attention if the momentum continues forward, to sign the petition click here