Several months ago, YMA looked at how several performers were going on ArtistSignal and today YMA looks at how they are going now.

October has started slowly for all the ladies with only Ivana and Daria in the Top 100, this could easily change once fans with time up their sleeves put in a couple of hours of votes, Brooke and Sammie are the closest to entering the Top 120 with the two running 120th and 129th respectively.

Links to all nine that we follow and report on are below, we wish all nine the best of success in the monthly contests.

Aria – running 817th
Brooke – running 120th
Ivana – running 43rd (past winner, can’t win again)
Daria – running 88th
Sammie – running 129th
Aditi – running 392nd
Melissa – running 186th
Lexi – running 581st
Kaitlyn – running 373rd