Brittany Leo last weekend performed as part of the entertainment at the Relay for Life event in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Brittany has been doing appearances at several Relay for Life events entertaining those who walk or run long distances in the name of Cancer awareness and research.

The song performed in this latest video is a cover of Selena Gomez’s ‘Come and Get It’, once again the video quality is excellent as Brittany is front and centre of the action while the sound quality is also excellent with Brittany’s voice coming through the speakers nice and clearly.

YMA applauds Brittany for her efforts supporting Relay for Life and hopes she continues to do such acts well into the future.

Update: 29/3/15: Brittany has uploaded another video from her performance in Hawthorn, this performance is a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ and is filmed from the same location and with the same quality as ‘Come and Get It’.