Aydan Calafiore is asking his fans to share his most recent YouTube cover of ‘Love Runs Out’.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets are very important for artists and their fans especially when attempting to get social awareness of an artist’s new release.

Aydan is hoping that ‘Love Runs Out’ will become a success to enable him to work on his music more in America this year and well into the future.

The video of ‘Love Runs Out’ looks good, sounds good and Aydan’s performance in the video is excellent which makes it a must see for Aydan’s fans and the generally curious.

‘Love Runs Out’ is currently on 2,603 views and with the help of his fans is expected to do as well as his previous cover of ‘Me And My Broken Heart’ which currently has over 45,000 views.

YMA will report on this video’s progress and other news on Aydan as more news comes to hand.