There is little doubt now that Alexa’s shows on StageIt are fast becoming a hot commodity with today’s show being yet another sellout for Alexa.

Alexa opened today’s show by greeting and thanking all those who were in attendance, It is always something special to see Alexa verbally thanking those and being interested in those who have come to watch no matter if they are first timers or ones who have seen her shows for quite some time.

‘Love Me Harder’ opened the day’s show with Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ coming next to the appreciative audience’s delight before the show started getting into the originals with ’24 Hours’ and ‘Gentlemen’ being chosen before Alexa finished with covers of ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’, ‘Thinking of You’ and  ‘My Everything’.

There was a special moment during the show when Alexa gave viewers a taste of what is to come in the future, what was seen or heard is top secret and so YMA cannot disclose what it was at this time but there is no doubt the general public will get to see it in the future.

During the show, Alexa had a discussion of how her songs are majority written about love and then entered a discussion on what is being in love like and what is a soul mate in which those in the chat room gave many thoughtful answers to with a lot of agreements made to audience interpretations to the questions.

What is being in love like and what is a soul mate? These are tough questions with both questions have a billion different answers but to the best of this writer’s knowledge being in love is when you want to be with someone all the time and you are fiercely devoted and loyal to them, a soul mate is when you and the one you love know each other so well, you know what the other is going to say or finish their sentence, you know what is on their mind, their presence inspires you to do better or they pick you up when you are down and the same applies when you are around them, basically you are each other and one cannot exist with the other.

As written earlier there are a billion different answers but you’ll know your answer to the questions the moment you feel it happening and it is something to be treasured.

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Alexa’s next show is one of special importance as it will be a show to help raise awareness of an organization called ‘Our Elegant Minds’, ‘Our Elegant Minds’ is an internet community for people affected by schizophrenia or schizoeffective disorder while also being a community for those who take care of them, tickets for next week’s show are available here while people can make a contribution to ‘Our Elegant Minds’ by visiting and donating to their Indiegogo campaign, so far $150 has been raised of the $30,000 goal and YMA hopes that readers will join YMA in making a money contribution within the next 33 days although if one cannot be made a share of their page is just as valuable.