Michelle Marie Willis‘s original song ‘Broken Sky’ was released Dec 23, 2014 on YouTube and is the theme song for the mini web series ‘Lilac’ & which is one of 6 tracks from her EP available for you to purchase on iTunes, if you wish to do so just click here!

‘Broken Sky’ is a beautifully written musical piece and Michelle’s music video depicts dedication to the mini web series which quotes “What if Robin Hood was a homeless ten-year-old girl living in a modern city”.

Michelle’s song ‘Broken Sky’ has won an Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit in the category of ‘Original’.

There is an ‘Q&A Vlog’ available for you to see here on Michelle’s channel which is wonderful for finding out what you need to know and her recent upload of ‘100 Questions Nobody Asks’ is a bit of fun and you can check it out here.