Today registered it’s 10,000th hit and now that major goal has been completed it is time to think about what is next.


So What is YMA’s future?

It’s always been the goal to make it to 10,000 hits because ATS never got there and now we’ve reached 10,000 it’s a great time to change YMA and not have it run at breakneck speed.

Education and home care have taken a larger chunk of time even if the two tasks can be very frustrating at times for both myself and Michelle respectively.

But it’s not all bad news because Michelle has Music Matters, Jasemine has many places to appear at and I just like to float around and take my various creations, majority creations or co-creations for a spin so it’s not the end of the Earth.

So yes we will function but not at the hectic pace it used to be, most days six stories a day get written up posted and then you got updates, milestone announcements, YouTube number calculating to do and it is just so hard to be a group/hobby organization that is way different to everyone else, most groups and promotional sites just post videos which to be honest is really lazy and I would go Ape if I saw that happen here so we tell the stories about the videos and what happens after the videos appear for the first time.

So one journey is complete and another one begins, just a lot slowly than the first one

– Ryan Stevenson