Today was Alexa’s twelfth consecutive original ticket allocation sold out show on StageIt, a late demand for tickets led to the offering of more tickets which were snapped up by those wanting to get to see the show.

Before the show Alexa spent time conducting a sound check on StageIt and YouNow in order for the sound to be as distortion free as possible and so to achieve that a range of Alexa’s originals plus cover songs by Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey were performed  from various distances and singing pitches to see what would distort and what would not, once the sound was found to be deemed fan friendly the countdown was on for the show.

Today’s show titled ‘Authentic Love…Inspired by the Grammy’s Art Performance’ in honor of the Grammy’s performances and Alexa’s belief in loving people authentically and so the song list was set up accordingly (see at the bottom of page for set list).

Fan interaction was at high levels throughout the show with Alexa commenting back on comments made by fans as they said hello or had news to share with her, tips were also given to Alexa who thanked each person for making them.

Alexa dedicated ‘My Funny Valentine’ to those in attendance and received many offers to be her Valentine in return.

There was one technical hiccup when the backing track stopped several times during ‘Because You Love Me’ but being the true professional she is, Alexa apologized, ran the track from where it stopped and continued singing the song to it’s conclusion earning praise from listeners for her actions.

All songs were sung with power, strength, confidence, dedication and finally all songs were performed with Alexa’s authentic love.

Alexa2  AlexaLMH  Untitled
(Pictures from different songs)

Alexa’s Set List (February 12)

Love Me Harder
Gentlemen (Acapella version)
…Baby One More Time
Because You Love Me
My Funny Valentine