Tara Favell has today made an audacious (showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks) move by Tweeting to music star Hunter Hayes the following message;

”Dear @HunterHayes can I open for you in Sydney? http://youtube.com/tarafmusic878 #iwish @WarnerMusicAU” (see below for actual tweet).

If a High Schooler can get an celebrity to go to Prom with them then there is no reason why Tara’s request to open for Hunter Hayes, in Tara’s favor is that she is a local and also she does have the ability to fit the bill as an opener who wants to make her way to be a headliner in her own right.

Even if nothing happens with this audacious tweet, it was still very much worth a try and readers can play a part by following Tara on Twitter and retweet or comment their own support.

YMA will update readers on the outcome as it happens.