Last week, Korie Anne performed live and now her fans have the opportunity to see her performance with Korie Anne uploading a live performance video of Korie Anne covering The Veronica’s ‘Ruin Me’ and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ which are two songs that Korie Anne has successfully covered in the not too distant past.

YMA believes that fans are in for a treat with this video for the video quality is excellent, so excellent that you can clearly see an ‘order here’ sign that is far into the background but the real treat is Korie Anne’s vocals for she delivers two powerful performances, performances that many will find better than her music video versions even if you hear the expected ambient sound of shoppers going about their business in this live video.

It is hard to believe that just a day before this performance Korie Anne doubted she would be healthy enough to perform after getting sick earlier in the week but her performance is testament to the benefits of good rest and following doctors orders and there is no doubt that those who were at the performance, the fans watching the video on YouTube and the generally curious are grateful that she followed both to deliver what has been seen.