Michaella late last week released a new original composition titled ‘Fearlessly Authentic’, this song was written after Michaella was lost in thought about what the new school year would bring her and this is a question that millions of people ponder every year as they wonder who they will meet, who will like them, who will despise them, what will their grades be at the end of the school year and many more questions, Michaella’s thoughts have given her the conclusion that she will not change for others no matter what happens because that is not who she is and that is a thought that I personally believe is the right thought to have each and every school year and even in post school life that thought should remain.

Those not familiar with Michaella will be impressed by her singing and songwriting abilities and YMA hopes that readers of this article will become fans of her work and will then show her music to others which will spread word of her music to more places and give her a great career.