A performer has a lot of power on this planet, what a performer says or does can shape the world and this extends to even a performer who plays on YouTube for a couple of viewers because their message is seen and thought of by many.

So many performers support causes, some because it is good for their profile but others because they actually care about the major issues on Earth like the working on the prevention of disease, combating hunger, working on bringing food and shelter to those who lack both, research for cures to horrible diseases like the Ebola Virus and Cystic Fibrosis, helping other performers out who are trying to make their own way in the music world, advancing science and technology to bring more to the world, helping the environment and so much more, the public loves a performer who not only discuss causes but also contributes to the causes because people like it when somebody walks the walk and talks the talk instead of doing all the talk and letting the general public do the walking.

A performer can inspire other performers to keep going with their own efforts, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing one performer writing to another on Twitter or Instagram etc telling them that they saw them on a site etc and they love and are inspired by what they have done whether it is about their music or the causes they support, I see it happening all the time and it is great to see one’s actions inspire another’s especially when they are in doubt of their own actions and/or abilities.

Personally I believe that performers sometimes gravitate to the cause that is the most popular one at the moment, dare to be different and speak up and support something else, the world has enough people to focus on more than one cause at a time so one performer can work on ALS awareness while another works on Environment causes and another can work on bringing food to Africa and so on and so forth, you can all change the world and you can do it right now.