There is no question that somebody like Cali Rodi has an abundance of ability but a look at her song viewing totals on YouTube have revealed something perplexing and that is that her covers are outdoing originals, this does not make sense for she sounds exactly the same in originals as she does covers so does this mean that the viewing public prefer a person singing a cover song compared to them singing an original composition? If so this would be a contradiction of the public opinion that believes that superstars use multiple songwriters and producers to do a song compared to the likes of Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Queen and other who done the majority of their songs themselves and modern people should follow suit.

Could the fact that people choose or are lead by search engines to covers over originals psychologically hurt performers because they like us can’t understand why their originals aren’t getting equal or better results and therefore they become frustrated to the point of giving up, history is full of people giving up something they love in the mistaken belief that they are on the wrong track when they are actually doing something special and we hope nobody has this happen to them.

Perhaps the answer is that people only get to see the covers in any search instead of the originals and so fans and the generally curious will have to make their way to performers pages to see their range of performances and there is no doubt that once more people do they will be impressed by the level of originality that performers on YouTube have and hopefully it will be a catalyst to pushing performers onto greater things, below is two Cali Rodi performances with one being an original and the other is a cover and we’ll leave it to you decide which method is the way to go.