With the month almost two thirds of the way through, we have finally had an opportunity to report on how everyone is going on ArtistSignal, the results have largely been disappointing as voters have not been contributing as much as they have in previous months with the exception of Ivana who is currently leading the contest by 4000 votes which is a handy but not an insurmountable lead at this stage of the monthly contest, YMA hopes this report will generate interest in the ladies and boost them higher up the order and give them a bit of an income this month before a successful September campaign happens.

Ivana is currently in 1st position with 29,923 votes
Daria is currently in 43rd position with 5,443 votes
Erin is currently in 110th position with 2,812 votes
Kaitlyn is currently in 267th position with 489 votes
Lexi is currently in 347th position with 245 votes
Aria is currently in 362nd position with 210 votes
Aditi is currently in 379th position with 187 votes
Cimorelli is currently 558th position with 61 votes