It has been tough going for Sean Emmett as he tries to get his latest single ‘Tattoo’ to get some airplay on the many radio stations across Australia, with many radio stations preferring to play only the charting hits constantly, it appears that the only way to get on radio is by requests and so fans are browsing through the internet looking for stations to request ‘Tattoo’ on, fans efforts have been rewarded with some success and this no doubt is a morale booster to Sean and his many fans with the results giving them more energy to keep on trying to reach as many people’s ears as possible.

One place that could result in great success is Triple J Unearthed, Sean has a page there with ‘Tattoo’ and previous single ‘Say Goodbye’ having four and a half star ratings out of five with lots of positive reviews written, songs can also be streamed and downloaded on the page although if you would really like to help Sean please also consider buying it on iTunes, readers can click here to be taken to the Triple J page and YMA will continue to update readers on Sean’s progress as it happens.