Jasmine Clarke is back with a new cover of Rhianna’s ‘Stay’, this is just the second video that Jasmine has made since she moved to the United States of America from Australia but there is no doubt that Jasmine’s great form on YouTube will continue on as her last five videos have come at an average of 54,419 views each with ‘Stay’ already notching up 40 views and 17 likes in less than 30 minutes since release.

The video itself is basic with it just featuring Jasmine, a microphone stand with microphone and a keyboard but this simplicity allows the viewer the opportunity to watch and listen as Jasmine performs the song live with strength and clarity making this video well worth your time, there is no doubt that the United States has gained a great sounding, hard working performer in Jasmine and YMA hopes that her USA adventures give her every reward she deserves, YMA will continue to report on Jasmine’s progress as it happens.