Aria Taylor’s ‘I Really Want You’ has been given the remix treatment by DJ Sare and will soon be released on iTunes but for now you can listen to the preview of the remix here on SoundCloud and it sounds like something that clubs around the world can use to get people in an energetic mood.

The music video of ‘I Really Want You’ is currently heading towards 5000 views and we congratulate Aria on her success so far and we have no doubt that the views and downloads of the song will keep coming well into the future and if you haven’t purchased ‘I Really Want You’ and you like what you seen below and listened to the preview of the remix on SoundCloud then head on over to iTunes and download for the great price of $1.69.

In other Aria news,  Aria will be making her first US radio appearance on the BIG D ZONE which is broadcasted on WBDR New York and Brosely FM Missouri this Friday morning at 8AM Melbourne time which is 5.00pm Thursday Central US time and everyone around the world has the opportunity to the THE BIG D ZONE and Aria on i heart radio and the website