Kaitlyn’s radio station tour continued today with her having being interviewed by phone at 89.3FM 2GLF and fans were treated to another great interview where Kaitlyn told listeners she was talking to the listeners from a phone at her school before telling listeners where her music journey began, her thoughts on pop and country music, how busking gave her the conclusion that Music is the thing to do and how she gets song ideas using the example of a light bulb as subject leading YMA to ask when a song about a light bulb will be released with Kaitlyn replying ‘lololol next EP’ and much more. 

The release of ‘Somebody’s Mother’ has been delayed, most likely Apple did make the song available but if we find out any further details we will keep readers informed but in the meantime we hope readers will enjoy the behind the scenes video which is available below, it already has 2800 views which is a pretty good total for a behind the scenes video.