July 24 2021

Today we check in and see how Aubrey Hedgepeth is going on YouTube.

Aubrey’s most recent music video is a rendition of Chrissy Metz’s “Girl Go” and as you will see that this is a live performance.

The video quality is good and it is much better than what the thumbnail shows so don’t worry about quality and the sound comes through good as well.

Give this video a view and if you got a YouTube account please consider leaving the song a like as doing such a simple action can do great things down the road for Aubrey.

Remember readers that in these uncertain times that it is always good to listen to music such as this and it is always good to talk to people so make sure you do both especially when things are gloomy in your heart and mind.

YMA will continue to report on Aubrey’s music news as it comes to hand.